We aim to have a wide audience to increase the overlap between many scientists - chemists, biologists, and physicists. Furthermore, the conference aims to offer a possibility for graduate students and postdocs from different fields to meet both each other and more senior fellows, and search for possible topics of mutual interest. Obviously, all participants will be given an opportunity to present their research results during the meeting. For that, a poster session will be organized This symposium and summer school is intended for all who are looking for challenges in the biological sciences in the post-genomic era. Biological systems offer concrete examples of "complex'' systems, the study of which has attracted the attention of much of the statistical physics community for the past two decades. molecular biology offers an amazing degree of complexity at many different scales.

Conference Language:
The Conference language is English. Papers will be printed and presented in English

Registration: The early registration will open July 1st, 2003. The deadline for registrations is April 30th 2004. Passed this date, you will be able to register during the Meeting at the Registration desk. Maximum participiants: 200